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In response to existing and emerging challenges and gaps in chronic disease management, EPOS envisions to offer patients at risk to develop systemic malignancies and other multifactorial diseases, personalized and multimodality platforms for in vivo, minimally invasive, long term and sensitive detection, monitoring and intervention, significantly improving the patient prognosis and survival rates. Such platforms will pave the way to the multi-billion field of multifactorial disease molecular theranostics.


EPOS-IASIS is hosting the 1st International Symposium on Digital Twins in Healthcare

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EPOS at the 9th International IMBMC 2021

Dr Andriani Odysseos gave a presentation at the 9th International Multithematic Bio-Medical...

Scientific Information Day 10 November 2021

EPOS-Iasis and the UCY presented the ongoing research on Brain Tumours in the context of...


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