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Post-doctoral Fellowship in Synthetic Biology and Cell Therapeutics

EPOS-Iasis, R&D, a Cyprus-based research-oriented SME engaged with major local and European academic centers, invites qualified and highly motivated young researchers to express their interest for a 24-month joint Fellowship covering research activities of research programs funded by the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation and the European Innovation Council. The research projects involve the genetic engineering of murine and human stem cells towards cell-based therapeutic and sensing system for brain malignancies and the study of the in vitro and in vivo efficacy of these systems.


The candidate is expected to be a highly-motivated individual with proven capability to work in a demanding multidisciplinary environment and eager to be actively engaged in joint training activities. Minimal requirements include:

  • A PhD degree in Synthetic Biology, Cellular /Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics, Molecular Pharmacology, Biotechnology or related field.
  • Essential post-doctoral research work in projects related to cancer biology and therapeutics including experience in genetic engineering/synthetic biology, stem cell technologies, molecular pathway analysis, tissue processing and primary cultures.
  • Substantial previous experience with laboratory animal handling. Experience with stereotactic techniques and brain interventions in small rodents will be favorably considered.
  • Very good command on advanced optical imaging techniques, including spectrophotometry, confocal microscopy and in vivo imaging technologies.

Salaries, living allowances and additional benefits: The compensation for this position is based on post-doctoral research experience, qualifications and specialized skillset, adjusted to the standard practices of the company. Out of this amount the employer’s and employee’s contributions pertaining to Social Security and the National Health Care System, as well as the income tax applicable to the researcher, will be deducted. The current deduction rates and personal tax brackets can be found in the following links:

Personal Income Tax: http://www.ansoconsulting.com/cyprus-taxation/cyprus-personal-income-tax.html

Contributions: http://www.hmiaccountants.com/social_security.php

Should any of these contributions and/or tax brackets be adjusted by the Cyprus government, the researcher’s salary will be adjusted accordingly.

Interested candidates should provide a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae, copies of 3 representative publications and contact details of 2 referees by 15/03/2020.

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